Can airbags be repaired?

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Do airbags expire?

During the 1970s, Americans were introduced to airbags in cars as a way to offset the lack of seatbelt use. Ford was first to roll cars off the production line with airbags in 1971 and GM followed two years later with their Chevrolet brand. With all the safety car manufacturers can give us in our cars like air bags and seat belts, which has successfully saved many lives, they haven’t stopped collisions from happening. In fact, air bags gave us another need: air bag repair

When you go car shopping, no doubt pricing is an issue as well as looks and handling, and let’s not forget about car safety, like seatbelts and airbags, right? When airbags were first introduced in the 70s, it was recommended to have them replaced every 10 years, or if they deployed and air bag repair. 

Fortunately, over the past twenty years or so, the airbags today don’t wear out or expire. Automakers must label the vehicle with recommendation to replace your air bags within 10 to 15 years, but in reality, that’s a legal work-a-round for them. The truth of the matter, air bags today will last the life of the car, or at least for as long as you own it. 

There are some exceptions to this, primarily regarding cars manufactured in the mid-1990s or before. Of course, a collision that deployed the airbags will require air bag repair or replacement by a certified airbag car service company.         

Can you still drive a car if the airbags deploy?

Yes, you can if the car is drivable, continuing on to your destination with a deployed air bag shouldn’t be a problem. “If the car is drivable” is the key phrase in this answer thought, which isn’t a ploy by air bag repair service companies to get your business either. 

In many of today’s cars, a deployed air bag will automatically shut the engine down. This is meant to protect the driver and any passengers after a collision.  Now, an older car model, that safety feature of shutting  the engine down when deployed air bags are detected wasn’t invented yet. 

 Is there any danger in driving a car with deployed air bags? Yes, until you have had car airbag repair service done, or replacement of air bags, the air bags often block the windshield view. 

How do you fix airbag error?

Like many things on a car, things will mysteriously happen, including the  supplemental restraint system warning, SRS light, or you may call it the air bag light, comes on and stays on. Does this mean that you need to take your car and airbag for auto repair at an authorized airbag repair company now? 

Maybe not! We offer the following steps that may save you the trouble, and expense of air bag repair service. In fact, with a handheld computerized device from a local auto parts store, you can even do your own air bag repair from inside your home! 

  • Step One: Insert your car key in the ignition and turn to “on”.
  • Step Two: Watch the air bag light and if remains on for 7 seconds and then shuts off, turn the key “off” and wait 3 seconds. 
  • Step Three: Repeat Steps one and two described above twice. 
  • Step Four: Start the car’s engine and the air bag light should appear and stay for 7 seconds then go out and stay off. 

If this works, you have just completed your own air bag repair! If It didn’t fix it, then, yes, you’ll need to take your car to an air bag repair center. Or live with that light on, but we aware, it may not pass inspection if that light is on. 

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How long does it take to replace airbags?

Air bag repair takes between one to two hours under normal circumstances. What circumstances can affect this turn-a-round time for air bag repair or replacement? An air bag recall like Takada . 

Nineteen automakers that used Takata air bags had to issue a recall for the front airbags to be replaced due to a NHTSA order. Cars made between 2002 and 2015 had air bags that severely injured or killed the drive and/or passengers because of the explosive manner they deployed. A manufacturer recall can affect the aftermarket on any of the parts, not just air bags because recalls are handled first then other customers. 

Air Bag Repair When Selling A Car

Is it illegal to sell a car with airbag problems? It depends on the state laws where the car is sold. For most states, dealers cannot sell a car, new or used, with air bag problems unless they advise the buyer the car needs air bag repairs. For an individual, it is recommended you advise the buyer that the car has an air bag issue, or they could come back to you with a lawsuit. Call 805-466-3236 today for your air bag repair needs in Atascadero, CA.