Don’t Let your Registration Sticker get Stolen

In many cities throughout the country, car owners are experiencing problems with registration sticker theft. These stickers are quite an easy score for thieves. The simply peel them off your license plate and illegally place them on their own so that they don’t have to pay registration fees. And unfortunately, the driver may not even know that their sticker is missing until they are pulled over by law enforcement.

So how can you prevent this? The next time you get your new registration sticker, take a blade and cut the sticker in several directions before placing it on your license plate. This will make the sticker impossible to pull off in one piece, making it useless to the thief.

Some thieves ditch the sticker and just take the whole license plate! To prevent this from happening, purchase anti-theft license plate fasteners. You can buy these off amazon for under $10.  Because these fasteners do not have a tradition flat head or cross head, a regular screw driver cannot be used to remove the plate. If you want to go the extra mile, check out this video on how to really make your license plate theft resistant. In the event that you license plate is stolen, you should immediately file a police report to protect yourself against liability.