Engine Damage Signs

The engine is literally the driving force of your vehicle. Keeping it healthy is the most important part of maintaining your car’s health. Don’t ignore problems, time will only compound them. Here are a few obvious signs that your engine has sustained damage and needs to be taken into an auto shop:





Smoke coming out of your vehicle:

This could potentially be either an exhaust problem or engine damage. Engine smoke can come in 3 different colors that will help pinpoint where the damage is. Blue smoke comes from burned-up engine oil. It indicates that seals holding the oil in have cracked. White smoke coming out of your tail-pipe indicates a blown head gasket or faulty cylinder head. Its hue comes from the combustion chamber filling up with coolant and water. Black smoke means there is either too much fuel or too little air in the combustion chamber. The problems associated with black smoke tend to be less severe.

You hear loud noises:

Don’t worry, that wasn’t a gun-shot; it came from your engine. The cause of these noises can come from many places. Some of them will have high repair costs and some of them won’t.

Reduced engine power:

An engine is just a large combination of mechanical devices that work together in harmony. When one of them stops working properly, the engine’s performance is reduced. Loss of power lets you know a part of your engine isn’t working right. Don’t let the problem fester.


If you notice any of these signs of engine damage, take your car in immediately. Here at German Performance, we offer engine repairs and a host of other auto-related services from certified professionals. For more information, please give us a call at (805) 466-3236.