Get Ready for a Holiday Road Trip

Road Trip Tips

christmas presentAre you heading out for the holidays to see family and friends? Before you hit the road, check out our road trip tips. Safety should always come first for you and your family. By preparing ahead of time you can avoid needless headaches down the road. So grab your suitcases and get ready to head to grandmother’s house!

1: Proper Maintenance

Before you head out on a long trip it is important to properly maintain your car. This usually means an oil change and a tune-up if needed. A good tune-up should include spark plug replacement, air filter replacement and a thorough check of your car. We provide tune-ups for our clients, so feel free to stop in before your next trip.

The day of your road trip check all your fluids to make sure everything is topped off and ready to go. Check your:fluid check

  • Oil
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid
  • Transfer Fluid (when applicable)

2: Tire Inspection

tire tread checkDon’t forget to give your tires a good once over before you head out. Check the air pressure to ensure everything is up to the correct standards. Remember, cooling air can lead to lower air pressure. Your car’s user manual or the inside of your door should tell you the correct PSI for your vehicle.

Check the tread on your tires too. You can use a penny to do a simple tread check. Put Lincoln head first into various spots on your tread. If you see Lincoln’s head completely every time, your tread is wearing low. If his head is partially covered, you probably still have enough tread to last.

3: Get Some Rest

sleeping dogThe night before you leave, try your best to ensure you get a proper amount of rest. Don’t plan any big events the day before and pack early. This will allow you to relax the evening before your trip and rest up for the miles ahead. Driving while fatigued is a leading cause of road accidents. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates “100,000 police-reported crashes are the direct result of driver fatigue each year.” 

If you feel drowsy, be sure to pull off and take a nap or switch drivers. Remember, no amount of caffeine can compensate for a lack of sleep. A quick snack can also help boost energy. Apples are a wonderful, easy road snack that can boost your energy levels.

4: Plan Ahead

water bottleAlthough you never hope for car trouble on the road, plan ahead in case of such an incident. Check your trunk for an aired up spare tire. And bring along some extra snacks and water in case of an emergency. Having a first aid kit on hand is also a good idea. And if you are driving somewhere cold, bring some extra blankets along.

5: Enjoy the journey

Finally, relax and enjoy your trip. Although driving can have its stressful moments, try to stay calm throughout the drive. Aggressive driving can lead to accidents and put your family at risk. Bring along toys and activities for any young ones so everyone can stay happy on the road. And take breaks when you need to get up and stretch. If you can, plan extra time for your travel so you are not stressed and in a rush. A trip to grandma’s house can be the perfect time to explore quick road stops along the way.

Happy holidays and drive safely! Don’t forget your friends at German Performance are here for you if you need any help gearing up for the road ahead.