This Color Changing Car is Basically a Giant Hot Wheels Car

If your childhood was anything like mine, you probably spent a fair amount of time enacting large-scale car chases through the house, complete with jumps, explosions, and crashes that would make Michael Bay jealous.

Hot Wheels cars were pretty cool on their own, but then you add something that can change colors, and it became awesome. Well, you can now get back at least some small part of your childhood, or, at the very least, let your inner-child out, because an auto body shop in the UK has painted an real life car with that same kind of color changing paint.

You get yourself on of these things, a couple of mood rings, and those thermo-changing shirts from the 80s, and you can have a life that is just a whirl of constantly changing colors.

We can’t help you with the rings or shirts (maybe Ebay can), but if you ever need any help with your car, come by German Performance in Atascadero and Paso Robles. We can help with everything from engine repair to a simple oil change. Give us a call, or just come by the shop if you have any questions!