What’s Wrong with My AC in My Car?

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What Does It Mean When Your Car AC Blows Hot Air?

When you live in California, the summer heat can be a serious challenge, especially for people who make a daily commute to work. The last thing you need is for the air conditioner in your car to stop working in the middle of a heat wave. The worst feeling in the world is when it’s warm and humid out, and when you get in your vehicle expecting the relief from the AC but get a face full of musty, warm air. You may find yourself wondering “Why did my car AC stop blowing cold air?” The AC in your vehicle is a combination of delicate parts and electrical wiring where one damaged or loose component can throw the whole system out of sync. Here are some of the problems to look for if your vehicles air conditioner suddenly stops working correctly and before you take it in for professional car AC repair and service.

Why Did My Car AC Suddenly Stop Working?

  • Compressor Damage Your cars air conditioner relies on several components. The system cycles refrigerant through a series of parts, the primary one being the compressor. It takes cold vapor produced by the evaporator, compresses it, and sends it to the condenser. The process removes heat energy from the air and sends it through the vents. So if you suddenly start having warm air blowing through your vents, your compressor could be damaged. If you’re asking yourself “What are the symptoms of a bad AC compressor?” then one of the biggest tell-tale signs of this type of damage is if it gets louder than normal when you run the air conditioner in your car. If you suspect your vehicle has compressor problems, it’s time to bring it to a professional to conduct truck or car AC repair to diagnose the damage and fix it.
  • Electrical Problems Your vehicles air conditioner is wired to the rest of the cars electrical system. As a result, it has a lot of electrical connections that could become loose, and one disconnected wire could spell trouble. It’s also possible that a rodent got into your engine and chewed through a wire. While it’s true that your vehicles air conditioner is mechanically connected to your vehicle’s engine, it’s far more likely to fail as the result of electrical damage or a malfunction. Professional auto maintenance means mechanics can diagnose an electrical issue with their in-shop tools, but they can also fix the problem for you.
  • Refrigerant Leak Coolant in your vehicles air conditioner system is under intense pressure. Once it is punctured or leaking, the refrigerant turns to gas and evaporates almost instantly as a result. That means that it is harder to diagnose this problem as there won’t be a puddle to spot once you move your vehicle like when other fluids leak. This can happen in the lines of your cars air conditioner, as well as one of the multiple components in the system, including the evaporator, compressor, or condenser. If you’ve ruled out all of your other options, then it’s a good bet that you’re experiencing a refrigerant leak. The best way to determine this is the problem is to go to a mechanic for car AC repair. A professional has the equipment to test your vehicles coolant and AC system to see where the problem is, then fix the leak.
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Tools for Car AC Repair

Once you’ve established what the problem is with your vehicles air conditioner, it’s time to start working on a fix for the problem. Some people like to try the do-it-yourself approach, and lucky for you, there are plenty of tools available for people who want to attempt to do the car AC repair themselves. There are flush kits, refrigerant detectors, diagnostic tools, and charge stations for people looking for completely control over the situation. You could feasibly even buy new parts for your car and install them yourself, though the condenser is connected to the engine. With these kinds out there to purchase, you could potentially clear any clogs in your refrigerant lines, patch a leak, replace components, or fix the damaged electrical wires on your own, but you should be aware of the risks. While it’s true that these tools are available to the masses, it’s important to note that trying to use professional mechanic tools without training can cause more damage or even damage your cars electrical system or engine, so be careful if you decide to go the DIY route.

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Now that you know all of the tools and their uses for your vehicle’s AC, you may be feeling overwhelmed and asking yourself “How much does it cost to get air conditioning fixed in a car?” Professional service is a wise decision as most auto mechanics are trained and insured to protect your vehicles against user error or related damage. If car AC repair cost is your primary concern, consider the problems that come with attempting repairs without experience. Overfilling your vehicles refrigerant can damage the system so much that you need to have it completely replaced, meaning it’s going to cost far more than the original cost of having a mechanic diagnose and fix the problem. So if you’re in need of Atascadero, CA auto repair, don’t settle for anything less than the most trusted name in town. When you need car AC repair in Atascadero, CA, give the professionals of German Performance a call at (805) 466-3236 to ask about service today!