Achieving Optimal Mileage

cars on highwayGas mileage is a sensitive subject for many car owners and drivers. There is no denying the dread we all feel when watching the dollars spin upward at the pump. While we can’t make gas any cheaper, we can offer tips to help you increase the time between your trips to the pump by promoting fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Here we have detailed several maintenance and driving techniques to extend your mileage.

Maintenance and Safety Means Savings

Keeping your car in good shape is important for performance at the pump. Check your tire pressure monthly. Inflating your tires to the recommended pressure reduces an unnecessary extra workload on your vehicle and also reduces extra wear on your tires – this can help boost your car’s fuel economy. Using your car manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil will additionally help improve fuel economy by 1-2%.

Driving safely is a must when sharing the roads with the crazed drivers of today’s times. But safe driving can also help your fuel efficiency. Avoid weaving through traffic and passing cars in front of you – this reduces frequent braking and rapid acceleration, both of which degrade mileage. Not to mention, the safest place for a reckless driver to be is in front of you – this puts you in control of keeping a safe distance away from them.

There is no replacement for regular maintenance and professional tune ups to protect your gas mileage and the lifespan of your car. For a full range of expert car service, call us today at (805) 466-3236!