A Good Rest & Safe Driving

car wreckWe consider driving a privilege rather than a right for a reason; cars present a major threat to people when used irresponsibly. We don’t allow people to drive drunk for just this reason, but you can impair your driving in other ways as well. One of them involves driving while sleep deprived. We have just begun learning about the detrimental effects of driving tired. Here, we’ll go over the correlation between a good rest and safe driving.

Don’t Drive Drowsy:

We don’t allow people imbibing alcohol to drive because it lengthens reaction time and lessens the ability to focus. Sleep deprivation has these exact same effects. In fact, after a certain amount of lost sleep, you become more likely to crash than a moderate drinker.

National Sleep Foundation Studies:

The NSF has pointed to younger people, late night shift employees and new parents as those at the highest risk for driving sleep deprived. In a poll conducted in 2005, they discovered that over 1/3 of participants said they had fallen asleep when driving once or more in their lives.


Here at German Performance, we need our community to stay safe; stay well rested when you get on the road. If you need to make sure your car runs perfectly, take it by our shop. We’ll get it in great working order. To find out more about our services, please give us a call at (805) 466-3236.