All About O2 / Oxygen Sensors


Fast facts on O2 / Oxygen Sensors

O2 / Oxygen Sensors are wired sensors placed before and after a vehicle’s catalytic converter.  Their primary job function is to monitor the level of oxygen present in the fuel mixture entering and exiting the catalytic converter.

There are a few common issues associated with a failing O2 / Oxygen Sensor:

  • Vehicle running too lean
  • Vehicle running too rich
  • Reduced fuel economy (lower MPG)
  • Check engine service light illuminated
  • Failed mandatory emissions tests

If your vehicle is running too “lean”, it means there is too much oxygen and too little fuel in the O2 / Oxygen Sensor readings.  If your vehicle is running too “rich”, it means there is too little oxygen and too much fuel in the O2 / Oxygen Sensor readings.

What should I do if my O2 / Oxygen Sensor has failed?

The average vehicle has 1 – 2 O2 / Oxygen Sensors installed.  If one or both of these sensors is out of order, it’s enough to trip the Check Engine light.  Fortunately, these sensors don’t take an exorbitant amount of time or money to replace!

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