Volkswagen Issues Recall for Tiguans

Volkswagen has issued a recall for over 150,000 Tiguans because of fuel problems. Tiguans from the 2009 to 2014 model years are the ones affected. The problem that is occurring is bubbles forming in the fuel.  Bubbles in your vehicle’s fuel can cause your vehicle to stall while driving and increases the chances of an accident.

The problem is occurring when fuel that was used during the winter is heating up.  This can result in an engine hot soak, which is when cold fluid in the vehicle sits in a hot engine block after it has been turned off. An engine hot soak can create deposits in the vehicle’s fuel system that can cause poor fuel circulation and stall the vehicle.

Volkswagen is set to notify owners of the Tiguan on the potential problem and will ask them to bring their vehicle’s to a local dealership to have it serviced. The dealership will program the Tiguan’s software to raise the fuel pressure to prevent the bubble problem from happening. No accident’s have been reported because of this problem.

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