Car A/C Air Conditioning Repair

Summer is in full swing, so if you’re caught without air conditioning in your car, you could be in for some uncomfortable trips. But all that wouldn’t be necessary if you brought your car or truck to Rick’s for car and truck air conditioning repair. Our shop can diagnose the problem with your A/C and get you riding in comfort once again.

We inspect everything from the hoses to the air compressor to make sure we get to the root of the problem. Any broken parts, we can repair or replace as needed. We are also fully stocked with plenty of coolant.

As always, we offer our automotive air conditioner service at a great price that can’t be beat. Come by our shop, or give us a call and set up an appointment, and we can get your A/C putting out nice cool air again so you don’t have to suffer the heat on the way to work, the store, or wherever it is yo’re going.

Professional Car A/C service in Atascadero!