Common Emissions Problems | Atascadero Repair Shop

Making sure your emissions system is working properly is about more than just reducing your car’s emissions. When there’s a problem with your emissions, it can cause other problems, and things just start to pile up until something breaks. The best approach is to repair minor problems with your emissions as they pop up, before they turn in to big problems. Here are a few to watch out for.

  • Leaks – Your emissions systems includes a good amount of tubing and gaskets, and it’s common for one of them to spring a leak eventually. Always be on the lookout to puddles, stains, or strange sounds that would indicate an exhaust leak. 
  • O2 sensor – You O2 sensors help your car’s computer determine the optimum level of air-to-fuel mixture. When one of both of the sensors goes bad, they can’t give an accurate reading, and that’s going to throw off your emissions, as well as lowering your fuel efficiency and performance.
  • Bad Fuel Injectors – Fuel injection has replaced the carburetor in most modern cars, but they do tend to get clogged up over time, which can affect your performance. An injector cleaning should have you running right again in no time.