Car Buying Guide

red car illustrationDon’t know when you’ve been taken advantage of when buying a car? That’s okay, it happens to a lot of people. We can’t all have the knowledge base of a mechanic. We’ve compiled a quick guide to help keep you from getting swindled on your car purchase.


Establish Budget:

This won’t be hard if you buy your car in one lump sum. However, if you plan to make monthly installments, you need to take all future financial possibilities into account. Any other important expenses could put you in the red.

Ask What You Need From Your Vehicle:

It might surprise you how many people neglect to do this; when they go in to look for a vehicle, they won’t even know where to start because they haven’t put any thought into it. Do you want a truck that can go off-roading? A cool convertible to attract the ladies? A spacious SUV for the kids? Think this stuff through before-hand.


Again, you need to do this before you start actually looking for potential buys. If you don’t, you won’t know where to start. With the internet, you can find any relevant information you need in a matter of minutes. After you’ve got this done, the real car search begins.

Test Drive:

This one could be the most necessary step of all; how do you know the car’s accessories even work if you don’t test drive it? Check every feature you care about, because you’ll just have to shell out money later if it turns out to have been broken.


Keep this in mind while looking for your new purchase. Here at German Performance, we offer a vast array of auto services. For more information, drop by or give us a ring at (805) 466-3236.