Catalytic Converter: What Does It Do?

We could all use a little more working information about our vehicles, since almost all of us use them every day. This may seem tough, but doesn’t prove too hard if you do it in piece meal. Here, we’ll go over your catalytic converter. A lesser known part, it still plays an important role.

catalytic converter





Why do you need it?

Your internal combustion engine creates 3 noxious compounds: hydrocarbons (gasoline that hasn’t gotten burned) , carbon monoxide (burned gasoline) and nitrogen oxide (heat combined nitrogen & oxygen).

What does it do?

The catalytic converter turns these harmful chemicals into less harmful ones with a catalyst, usually in the form of platinum or palladium. Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons becomes carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides get separated back into nitrogen and oxygen.


That covers the basics. Now you know that if your exhaust doesn’t work correctly, your catalytic converter could have sustained damage. Remember, these chemicals can harm you and your passengers, as well as the atmosphere. If you need repairs for it or any other auto part, German Performance can help. To find out more, come visit us or give us a call at (805) 466-3236.