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Complete Engine Replacement AtascaderoThere are few repairs that vehicle owners dread more than a complete engine replacement. The engine is the most critical and also the most expensive part of any vehicle and for an engine to need replacing means that it has had a total failure. Engine replacement can be a lengthy and time consuming process, especially on specialty models, meaning that the vehicle owner will likely be without a vehicle for a few days at the very least. The price tag for engine replacement can also be more than a little overwhelming, especially for people that are on a budget and do not have thousands of dollars saved up. When the cost of the new engine and the cost of labor are added together many vehicle owners feel like they could have just bought a brand new car.

Here at Rick’s German Performance we realize that having your engine replaced in Atascadero is far from an enjoyable experience and that is why we go to great lengths to ensure that our clients have as smooth a ride as possible. Our ASE certified mechanics can work on a variety of different vehicles and we offer some of the bets prices on engine replacement in Atascadero. Sure the dealership may seem like the logical place to go but independent auto repair shops like Rick’s German Performance often have better deals and better mechanics. For fast and affordable complete engine replacement come to Rick’s German Performance!


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