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Creston Auto Service & Repair


Creston Auto Repair Service

Auto service and repair in Creston can be both costly and time consuming but unfortunately if you own a vehicle they are a necessary fact of life. Vehicles are not designed to last forever and eventually parts on your car will begin to fail and they will need to either be repaired or replaced. When regular maintenance and service is coupled with the unexpected cost of repairs it is easy to see how expensive owning a vehicle truly is. Fortunately, there are ways for vehicle owners to try and reduce the expense of owning a vehicle. The best way to reduce the future expense of Auto repair and service in Creston is actually to spend money on your vehicle in the first place. If you follow the suggested maintenance schedule for your vehicle and have it serviced when needed to could potentially save yourself a great deal of money by preventing future problems that will be much more expensive than the occasional oil change.


Creston Auto Service & Repair

German Performance Creston Auto Repair

While the dealership is generally the best place to take your vehicle for regular maintenance in many cases it can be difficult to find a dealership in your area that is capable of providing you with the service you need. Here at German Performance we don’t specialize in servicing vehicle from one manufacturer, we specialize in servicing vehicles from a variety of different manufactures. From Audi to Volkswagen our ASE certified mechanics can do it all! Whether you need basic service or maintenance or more complex repairs on your vehicle call or come by today. Not only do we offer the best  auto repair service in Creston but we also offer the best prices as well. Save time and money with Creston auto repair and service from German Performance.


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Atascadero Mazda Service & Repair

Mazda Repair Service

Founded in 1920, Japan’s Mazda Motor Corporation has been producing automobiles for nearly an entire decade. While its effort were initially limited to domestic production and distribution, over the years Mazda has expanded its role in the foreign car market and today it produces on average 1.3 million vehicles a year, many of which will eventually find their way into foreign markets. Currently, Mazda offers one of the most diverse automobile selections of any company on the market. Their selection includes sedans, hatchbacks, soft and hard top sports cars as well as SUV and crossover hybrids. Mazda’s offerings are typically recognized as luxury and performance vehicles, though the MAZDA2 and the MAZDA3 are quite popular in the market for economy cars.

Atascadero Mazda Repair Service

German Performance Mazda Repair

If you want to keep you Mazda in top running condition it is important that you follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle and bring it in to an auto repair shop as soon as you realize that your Mazda needs to be serviced or repaired. vehicles may not be made to last forever but you can extend the life of your Mazda by  having it service by ASE certified mechanics on a regular basis. Even minor Mazda repairs and service have the potential to be expensive if you wait too long to have your vehicle taken care of. Here at German Performance we specialize in providing service and repair for many of the most popular foreign makes on the market, including Mazda. When it comes to Atascadero Mazda repair and service German Performance is the place to be. We have ASE certified mechanics standing by ready to help you with all of your Atascadero Mazda service & repair needs.


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Air Filter Replacement Service


 Atascadero Air Filter Replacement

The air filter is arguable one of the most overlooked components in a vehicle. In fact, many people do not realized that they are supposed to change their air filter until it gets clogged and starts causing problems with the engine. The air filter in your vehicle serves to filter out the air that is used by the engine and other components in your car so that dust, dirt and other particles that may cause damage over time are not allowed to enter. Without an air filter the vehicle would have no defense against harmful particulates that will build up over time and cause major problems. Although it is one of the easiest types of automotive maintenance people often ignore their air filter simply because they do not know how important it is to the long term health of their vehicle.

Atascadero Air Filter ReplacementGerman Performance – Air Filter Replacement

The difficult of replacing your air filter will vary depending on the type of vehicle that you have but in a vast majority of vehicles Atascadero air filter replacement is not only incredibly simple but cheap as well. In most cases all you have to do is locate the air filter housing, often on top of the engine, open it up, remove the old air filter and replace it with a new one. replacing your air filter every 12,000 miles can add years to the lifetime of your vehicle. Here at German Performance our ASE certified mechanics are trained to repair high performance engines and transmissions on foreign vehicles so replacing your air filter will be absolutely no problem at all. Choose German Performance for the best air filter replacement service in Atascadero.


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Atascadero Starter Replacement Service


German Performance Starter Replacement Service

There are a variety of different automotive problems that ill prevent your vehicle from starting, some of which are more common than others. When a vehicle doesn’t start most people want to check the battery first but if you bring it in to an auto repair shop they will check everything, ranging from the battery to the starter. The starter is the device that cranks the engine and obviously if it fails the engine in your vehicle will not crank up.  Generally, if your car starter fails it is much easier and more affordable to replace the device than it is to repair it. Depending on the type of starter you have Atascadero car starter replacement can be quite difficult and unless you are an experienced mechanics with the knowledge and tools necessary to perform the work on your own it is best to bring your vehicle in to an Atascadero auto repair shop to have the starter replaced by a professional.

Starter Repair & Replacement Atascadero


Starter Replacement Service

If you are having problems with your vehicle bring it in to German Performance for the best starter replacement service in Atascadero. Diagnosing starter problems can be quite difficult, especially since a failing starter can cause problems that are typically associated with other components. When you bring your vehicle in to German Performance for our starter replacement service our expert ASE certified technicians will inspect your vehicle and perform any necessary diagnostic services to determine the nature of your automotive problem. If it turns out that you need to have your starter replaced our ASE certified technicians can perform the service and have you back on the road in no time flat.





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Atascadero Transmission Repair & Service


Transmission Repair Atascadero

There are a variety of repairs or services that the average vehicle owner can attempt to do on their own in order to save money. Unfortunately, transmission repair does not typically fall into the “do it yourself” category for most vehicle owners unless they have very advanced knowledge and experience.  When most vehicle owners start to experience problems with their transmission they will either take their vehicle to the dealership for repairs or they will attempt to find a local auto shop such as Rick’s German Repair that can do the job. No matter where you take your vehicle chances are repairing your transmission will be rather expensive, especially if your vehicle is no longer under warranty and you have to pay for repairs out of pocket. Transmission repairs typically cost more than other repairs simply because transmissions are quite complex and often require hours of work by multiple mechanics. The cost of transmission repairs can also increase if the transmission is hard to reach or requires that the engine be pulled in order to get to it but this situation only arises for certain types of vehicles.

Transmission Repair Service Atascadero

Whenever you start to experience problems with your transmission it is best to bring it in to Rick’s German Performance for service as soon as possible. Our ASE certified technicians have the training and experience to help you with all of your Atascadero Transmission repair needs. Whether your transmission is slipping or has stripped gears bring it in to the best Transmission repair specialists in Atascadero for affordable service. The work we perform on your vehicle is guaranteed for varying lengths of time depending on the work performed so that you do not have to worry about having the same problem days or even months later.




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Volkswagen Service & Repair


Volkswagen Service & Repair in Atascadero

Founded in 1937 Volkswagen is one of the most recognizable auto makers in the world. With a reputation for producing quality high performance automobiles and luxury vehicles Volkswagen is a staple in auto markets around the world. Initially founded in the throw of Nazi German Volkswagen first made its mark by producing vehicles for the German war machine during the Second World War. Following the war many Volkswagen vehicles were transported around the world as souvenirs and the make eventually grew in popularity. Today, Volkswagen exports tens of thousands of vehicles around the world every year and has proved to be one of the most stable and consistent automakers in existence.

When you need to have your Volkswagen serviced or repaired in Atascadero there may be limited options available to you. This is due to the fact that Volkswagen is a German made vehicle and may require special knowledge that American mechanics do not typically have. Fortunately, the ASE certified mechanics at German Performance have the training and experience to meet all of your Volkswagen service and repair needs in Atascadero.  Our clients typically report saving up to 50% over dealership pricing when they choose German Performance as their preferred Volkswagen service & repair shop in Atascadero. There may be other auto repair shops that offer similar services at similar prices but none of those shops can offer the same level of customer service as German Performance.





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Complete Engine Replacement Atascadero


German Performance Engine Service & Replacement

Complete Engine Replacement AtascaderoThere are few repairs that vehicle owners dread more than a complete engine replacement. The engine is the most critical and also the most expensive part of any vehicle and for an engine to need replacing means that it has had a total failure. Engine replacement can be a lengthy and time consuming process, especially on specialty models, meaning that the vehicle owner will likely be without a vehicle for a few days at the very least. The price tag for engine replacement can also be more than a little overwhelming, especially for people that are on a budget and do not have thousands of dollars saved up. When the cost of the new engine and the cost of labor are added together many vehicle owners feel like they could have just bought a brand new car.

Here at Rick’s German Performance we realize that having your engine replaced in Atascadero is far from an enjoyable experience and that is why we go to great lengths to ensure that our clients have as smooth a ride as possible. Our ASE certified mechanics can work on a variety of different vehicles and we offer some of the bets prices on engine replacement in Atascadero. Sure the dealership may seem like the logical place to go but independent auto repair shops like Rick’s German Performance often have better deals and better mechanics. For fast and affordable complete engine replacement come to Rick’s German Performance!


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