The Importance of Your Vehicle’s Powertrain

When your car is having trouble, it could mean a variety of things with a plethora of issues that make our heads feel stuffed with cotton. We all know that when car troubles rear its ugly multi-count head, it’s hard to see where to focus first. Between insurance, warranties and mechanics your time can be stretched thin and the contents of your pockets magically turn into dust. However, if we must all pay the price in the long run, it may be best to choose options that will cause the least strife in fixtures.

The powertrain of our cars are where the main sources of our issues are usually at, yet most warranties don’t cover the components. It’s therefore essential when buying a car or considering coverage to learn some powertrain basics. Be aware of the problems that may arise or warranties that cover them so when the time for fixtures does arise, you aren’t paying an arm and leg.

Powertrain Can Affect Transmission Of Car

Powertrains can affect various part of your car that control power, like the transmission of this modern plugin hybrid vehicle.

What is your powertrain?

Depending on your car’s management it can be considered as the electronic control manual (ECM) or powertrain control manual (PCM.) Basically, powertrains transfer input from sensors with output through other sensors. It consists of many components of the car that work together separately but together like a…hmmm power-train. Eureka!

Drivetrain vs Powertrain

These two terms are often used interchangeably but have noticeable difference.

Drivetrain: consists of everything after your car’s engine and transmission and mostly has to do with the wheels and axles. This includes driveshaft, joints, axles, differentials and wheels.

Powertrain: consists of everything that is essential in making your car move. You can refer to it as the engine system’s valve train, this consists of parts such as rockers, valves and camshafts. You can also imagine it as everything from the engine to transmission to all the parts that transfer the power from the engine to get to the wheels.

How it works is, power is created by the engine and transferred to the driveshaft through the transmission. Then, the driveshaft turns the gears of the car which turns the axles and finally the wheels.

Besides other parts that may be incorporated, here are the
Main Powertrain Parts:

  • Axles
  • Differentials
  • Drive shafts
  • Engine
  • Transfer case (all wheel and four wheel drives)
  • Transmission

Powertrain Engines

Powertrains can be set up as front wheel or rear wheel drives.
In the case of front wheel drives, the powertrain uses a horizontally opposed engine where transmissions are placed sideways and the two drive shafts go to the front wheels by a hub bearing.
With rear wheel drives, the engine faces the front of the car and the transmission is placed behind the engine with the one driveshaft leading to the rear end. Axles may protrude from either side of the rear to the wheels in some cases.

How does a powertrain warranty work?

Finding the Right Coverage For Your Car

Finding the right coverage for your car’s protection can greatly reduce cost & worries!

Powertrain warranties can differ and have inclusions or exclusions from the main parts listed above depending on the choice of the vehicle’s manufacturer. They can last 5 years, 60,000 miles or depending on your plan it can have much shorter or longer time spans.

How much does it cost to fix a powertrain?

Almost every part that makes up your powertrain will cost somewhere between a couple of
hundred or thousands of dollars depending on the extent of the issue or the parts involved.

What does it mean when your powertrain light comes on?

With a *powertrain light indication, there may be problems in your transaxle or automatic transmission or it may also be informing you of an Electric Shift Control system warning. Most fixtures within a powertrain may require specialized equipment or in-depth technical knowledge in order to resolve possible issues.

*Not all cars have this indicator and in those cases the Check Engine light may be reserved as a red flag.

What is a powertrain malfunction?

A powertrain malfunction may first let you know something is wrong when the powertrain or check engine light indicator turns on. Powertrain malfunctions may conditionally affect various parts such as the engine, transmission or drivetrain. You may have a need for Electrical System Repair in MA or help for with the Fuel Injection system, issues can vary but it is essential to go to a professional for assistance as this can directly deter the performance of your car.

Qualified Mechanic for Powertrain Repairs

If you’re in doubt whether your powertrain needs repairs, rely on a qualified mechanic for assistance!

The powertrain of your car is an essential group of parts that work together to provide power and movement to your car. If any of these parts become neglected or experience malfunctions than it can affect the performance of other car parts in succession. It may be wise to speak with qualified experts who may be able to best assist you on how to go about powertrain coverage. Always remember to drive safe!

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