Improving Your Gas Mileage

If you travel a lot, it can be difficult to prevent having to constantly return to the gas station to fill up. These are a few ways you can improve on how much fuel your vehicle needs to run properly.

Highway Traffic

When was the last time you checked the pressure in your tires? Low tire pressure not only increases the chances of tire trouble leaving stranded, but it also makes the engine work harder in order to move your vehicle. Keeping your tires at the correct pressure will keep you safe on the road and save you money on fuel.

Replacing the air filter in your vehicle can make a difference too. A dirty air filter will reduce the amount of airflow that makes it into the engine. If your engine isn’t performing well, extra fuel will be used to help your vehicle run.

Stick with the speed limit to avoid tickets but also ensure your car is running at it’s best performance level. A lot of vehicles are built to operate efficiently between 45 – 60 mph. Speeding along the highway will increase engine use and use up more fuel too.

Taking your vehicle in for regular maintenance can improve engine performance as well. If you need automotive maintenance in Atascadero, CA or the surrounding area, contact German Performance today. Our ASE certified automotive mechanics can ensure that your vehicle is running in the best condition possible. Call (805) 466-3236 to learn more.