Suspension System Failure Warnings

Photo of suspensionWhen your car is rolling down the road, your suspension is there for you. This system keeps your car balanced and allows for stable driving. Without it, your car would not function. So, how can you tell when this system needs a little bit of TLC. When it comes to needing service, suspension systems have obvious signs that will tell you it is time to take your car to the shop. 

Signs Your Suspension Is Failing

Sign #1: Bottoming Out

When suspension springs wear, they allow for a lot of give in your vehicle’s handling. One of the most visible points of this is when you drive through a dip. Does your car bottom out? This means your springs are worn and need replacement.

Sign #2 Bouncing Down The Road

Similar to bottoming out, bouncing is another sign of spring wear. You’ve seen on TV and in movies when people bounce a car up and down. If your car continues to bounce after this is done, there is a good chance your springs are telling you it is time for service.

Sign #3 Tilting

Your suspension springs keep your car balanced and even as you drive down the road. When you get in do you notice your car leaning toward one side? This means your springs are wearing unevenly or you may even have a collapsed spring.

Sign #4 Tire Wear

We all know to replace our tires after a certain amount of wear, but what should you do when it is uneven? Have your local auto mechanic inspect it. Uneven wear on tires could indicate that there is a larger problem on hand with your suspension alignment.

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