Rotating and Servicing Tires

Attending to your tires is a crucial part of maintaining your vehicle. Just as your engine needs a regular oil change, your tires need a change of location to keep from wearing down prematurely. To help you remember tire rotation as a component of your regular maintenance routine, we walk through the importance of rotating your tires here.

As you drive, your car uses your tires to steer and accelerate, which wears down the tread of your tires. The tires that are most heavily put to use for steering and power are prone to wearing down more quickly. By rotating your tires to different positions on your vehicle, your tires are allowed to wear more evenly, and thus not wear down as quickly as they would if left in one position.

Regularly Rotating Tires

Tires are commonly rotated from back to front and vice versa, but some manufacturers recommend certain patterns for rotating tires to help them last even longer. Check with our expert mechanics for more specifics on tire rotation for your vehicle!

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