The Oncoming Collision of Cars and Apps

Arguably one of the most important driving forces behind the smartphone revolution was the introduction of the “app.” And even today, apps are a big reason why some people choose one phone over another. The technology found in cell phones seems to advance at breakneck speeds; the difference between today’s stable of smartphone and the original iPhone, released in 2007 is remarkable.

Well, the automotive industry has taken notice. The technology found in the new cars rolling off assembly lines today is nothing to slouch at, and with more and more people owning a smartphone, auto manufacturers have begun to take advantage of that.

Over 50% of adults have a smartphone now (and it’s increased 10% each year for the past 3 years), and cars have become more connective than ever. While it’s unlikely that we’ll see the relationship between cars and cellphones fade anytime soon, the frontier of car tech is cars that can download their own apps, that is, no more cell phone necessary to interact with 3rd party applications.

While allowing cars to download apps presents its own unique problems, a little security risk has never deterred those with an entrepreneurial spirit and idea from pushing the boundaries of technology. The next few years should provide a better look at how we might begin to see cars use apps, or even do thing like connect to the internet themselves via wireless networks like 4G.