Three Fall Car Tips

Fall Car Tips

As the Seasons Change, Make Sure Your Car is Ready/

As summer wanes and winter approaches, car owners should practice a few fall car tips. Decreasing temperatures and the end of summer’s demands require a few updates. Also, you will need to review and account for any wear or maintenance needs after a busy, hot summer. Utilize these fall car tips, and you’ll be ready for the road in no time.

Check Belts, Fluids, Hoses

Summer takes a toll on a vehicle. For a safe fall, you’ll want to check your car’s belts, fluids, and hoses to make sure that none need the attention of a mechanic. You should also change your oil if needed.


Your antifreeze must have equivalence to the temperatures in which you drive your car. Antifreeze can become diluted over the summer, and needs attention to cope with colder temperatures. Without the proper amount, your engine’s operation can suffer.

Tire Pressure and Fuel Lines

Colder weather has a special impact on these two areas. The change in weather can cause your tires to expand or contract, which results in lower tire pressure. Fuel lines can also suffer negative impacts from cold weather. For especially cold weather, you may need to use fuel supplements to prevent freezing.

Update Car Kit

Seasonal changes should also affect changes to your car kit. As cold weather approaches, update it with blankets, gloves, or other items that will add to your comfort.

While many people overlook fall as a reason to review your vehicle, seasonal changes do make our fall car tips necessary. If you own a German-made vehicle and need assistance in  Atascadero, CA, contact German Performance at 805-466-3236.