Three Signs You Need Transmission Repair

transmission repair

The transmission is one of a car’s most complicated mechanisms.

A car’s transmission serves as its heart. This complicated mechanism transfers the engine’s power to the wheels and enables the car to move. With a faulty or failing transmission, your car may actually cease to function. To prevent such an occurrence, you should recognize when your car needs transmission repair.

Warning Light Activation

Though they often get ignored, a car’s warning lights provide valuable indicators of repair needs. For the transmission especially, the light will indicate subtle vibrations that precede serious problems. As a general rule of thumb, always take your vehicle for service if a warning light activates.

Fluid Leaks

Your transmission would quickly overheat and fail without the presence of transmission fluid. The transmission does not consume this fluid, however, and any loss opens the door to major problems. A transmission fluid leak, for example, opens the door for serious problems. You can always detect transmission fluid thanks to its sweet smell.

Movement Delays

Transmissions should operate smoothly, with no jerks or sudden movements. The design of transmissions enables them to enter gears smoothly. Any delay in this function indicates trouble that could quickly evolve into an emergency. Another sign occurs when your engine revs without an accompanying response in movement. This means that your transmission struggles with the transfer of power, a sure sign that its needs service.

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