Back to College Car Safety

Students are moving back into their dorms, and some are traveling across the country to get there. Stay safe while driving to school and around campus with these tips.

Car repair

General Maintenance

Before students leave home, especially if they will be driving several hours away, they should check their vehicle’s’ fluids, brakes, and tires (including the spare). A good trick to check your tire’s tread is to use the penny test. Take a penny, with Lincoln’s head pointing down, and stick it wherever the tire tread is most worn. If his head is covered, your tires are good; if you can see his head, though, you should get new tires. You should also check that all the vehicle’s lights and signals are working properly. Be sure to get your scheduled maintenance and any car repairs out of the way before classes start!

In addition to these general tips, make sure your vehicle has all the necessary tools in case of an emergency. You never know when you’ll have a blowout or run out of gas. Your emergency kit should include a first aid kit, flashlight, jack, lug wrench, poncho, tire pressure gauge, tarp, non-perishable food, at least one gallon of water, gloves, a towel, and anything else you might need. If something goes wrong, it’s best to be prepared.

Get Your Inspection and Tags

In the state of California, you must renew your vehicle’s registration every year. Some other states require a vehicle safety inspection as well. Before hitting the road for school, be sure to get these chores done. Nowadays, you can usually renew your registration online, but sometimes you may need to go to your local county Tax Assessor Collector or DMV office. And don’t forget to purchase a campus parking sticker!

Don’t Drink and Drive

Always put your own safety and others’ safety first. College nights are often filled with parties, so make sure you have a safe ride home. Call a taxi or designate a sober friend to drive. Thousands of people die from alcohol-related driving accidents every year. Stay safe and make the smart choice.

To make sure your student’s car is ready for class, schedule a tune-up or repairs today! Call German Performance at (805) 466-3236 for car repairs and more.