Road Trip Preliminaries

39060018 - young brutal man sits near car talking on cell phone because his auto broken down. thoughtful 20s mixed race caucasian asian male on a beautiful bright sunny summer day trying to call friend that they help repair car. So it’s that time of year. Cook outs, hitting the beach, and of course road trips! But you can’t hit the road just yet. You have to make sure that your vehicle is safe and ready to set out on that wide open road. Here are things that you should check before your trip.

Check your brakes

Ineffective brake is the last thing you want to have to deal with while you’re coasting down the highway. A brake check is just the thing you need to make sure your vehicle’s brakes are in A-1 shape.

Check your fluids

Fluids are pretty much the bloodline of your vehicle and is vital to its overall health. This includes antifreeze to regulate the temperature, oil to keep the engine lubricated, washer fluid to maintain visibility, and etc.

Check your tires

The tires are often the problem on a road trip. Making sure that your tires’ pressure and overall condition are good before hitting the road can help you avoid having to call roadside service.

Look over general maintenance and repair

Just like you need your annual medical exams, your car needs its regular check ups. Regularly scheduled maintenance is key to keeping your car in good shape for a longer amount of time. This allows you to find any small problems and resolve them before they become too significant.


So before you set out on your road trip adventure, be sure to stop into German Performance to have your vehicle checked out. Call us at (805) 466-3236 to schedule your appointment today.