Have a Professional Car Check and Tune-Up in Winter

Like many important devices and machinery in your life, your car needs regular maintenance. At times, it may need a little extra service to combat a harsh environment, like winter weather. Winter, even a rather mild one in comparison to some, can be hard on your car. Even if you had a car tune-up in the fall, it’s not a bad idea to have it checked in the winter to make sure that it’s running as well as it can.

Winter Car Issues

Car Driving in Snow

Have a Professional Car Check and Tune-Up in Winter.

Cold weather can make a number of common issues even worse. The cold makes idling, hard starts, and more difficult. It’s important to do take care of all the little things you should be doing that often get forgotten. Filters, for example, should be replaced to help your car run more efficiently in tough weather.

If you didn’t have your oil changed near to the start of winter, have it done. It is one of the most neglected services, but it’s important to protect your engine, particularly when it’s working hard to run your car in cold weather. Sometimes, your fuel line needs some help to keep from freezing, too. A car service professional can add something for that.

Of course, your car heater works hard for you in winter. It’s important to pay attention to your heating and AC system so that it doesn’t get overworked and die on you. Not only would that be uncomfortable for you, it could affect visibility, too.

There are many details of car maintenance that are extra important during winter. Many things you can manage on your own with the help of your car manual. But, let an auto technician help, too. Keep your car running well through winter and have a car check and tune-up. Come visit the auto care specialists at German Performance in Atascadero, CA, or call us at (805) 466-3236.