Detect What’s Wrong With Your Car By What Color The Leak Is

If you pull away and notice a puddle where your car was, you have a leak coming from somewhere in your car’s mechanical system. But where? Leave the repairs to a professional, but you can figure out how much services will cost by noticing what color the leak is. Certain colors indicate fluids coming from specific locations in your car.

Brown: Engine Oil or Brake Fluid

One of the most common liquids to drip from underneath the center of cars. It often produces a bad odor when the oil is burning, which can help differentiate it from brake fluid. Brake fluid looks slimy and clearer than engine oil. If the leak looks clear brown, get it fixed immediately as brake fluid is critical to running a car.

Orange: Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid has an orange to reddish brown tint which can make it hard to identify. If the leak is under the center of your car, it is transmission fluid.

Red: Power Steering Fluid

Very similar in color to transmission fluid, the power steering fluid can be identified by its location. If it is by the front of the car, it is the power steering. If it is around the center of the car, it is transmission fluid.

Clear: A/C Water

You will see these leaks under all cars, especially on hotter days. That is because condensation from the air conditioning built up and when you turn the car off and it gets hot, it melts.

Yellow, Green, or Pink: Coolant

The most easy fluid to spot as it is neon in color, leaks often appear under the car where the hood is. Coolant is used to cool the engine off when it gets too hot.

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Signs You Need to Get Your Brakes Checked

Our car’s brakes are important to the function of our car as the brakes help our cars from coming to a complete stop. Due to their importance, it’s critical to get your brakes checked every six months. If you don’t remember the last time you had your brakes checked, there are indications that let you know when services are needed for your car’s brakes.

Brake Warning Light Comes On

If the brake warning light comes on, that’s a clear sign your brakes need to be looked at. The brake warning light comes on when there is something wrong with the hydraulic system.

Your Car Is Pulling

Have you tried to brake only to have your car pull to the right or the left? While a car pulling from one side to the other could have something to do with your wheel alignment, it can also be a sign that the components in your brakes are damaged.

Noise When You Push On the Brakes

When you use your foot to push on the brakes, it shouldn’t make a noise. However, if you hear squealing or grinding noises, it’s important to have your brakes looked at immediately. Squealing and grinding usually have to do with your brake pads.

Your Brake Pedal Is Soft When You Push Down

When you push down on the brake, is it really soft? When its super easy to push down on the brake pedal could be problems with the hydraulic system or there is air in the brake lines.

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3 Reasons Your Battery Light is On

Check Battery Light

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Having a good battery in your car is very important. Not only does it provide the electrical power for your dashboard and radio, but it also powers your headlights and all the computers inside your engine. If the battery light on your dashboard turns on, it is an early warning sign that something in your electrical system isn’t working correctly. Don’t wait until the battery is completely dead to bring it into the shop. Bring it by German Performance today and we will do a full diagnostic to determine what is wrong with your battery.

What Does the Battery Light Mean?

The warning lights on your dashboard are designed to signal you when there is a problem with something under your hood. Here are three problems that could trigger the battery light.

Dirty Terminals
The terminals on your battery provide the connection for the electric current in your car. If these get too dirty or corroded, your battery won’t be able to get the proper connection. This could turn on the battery light.

Bad Battery
Batteries don’t last forever. Eventually, they need to be replaced. If your battery isn’t producing enough juice to power your car, the battery light will come on to warn you that you need to change out your battery.

Bad Alternator
Once you start your car, the battery switches power over to the alternator, which provides the electrical current for your car while it is running. At the same time, it charges the battery. If the alternator isn’t working, it won’t be able to charge the battery properly.

Whatever the problem, if your check battery light is on, let us help. Call our office at (805) 466-3236 to schedule an appointment today.

4 Signs You Need Vehicle A/C Repairs

Car A/C

Many parts of your vehicle require regular maintenance services to stay in good condition. You vehicle’s air conditioner is not one of those things, so sometimes it can be difficult to know when to have it looked at. Today we will go over 4 surefire signs that mean your car’s air conditioning is in need of service.

Blowing Hot Air

First and foremost, the air conditioner is in place to provide cold air. If it is no longer providing cold air, there is certainly a problem. For the most part, this can be fixed with more refrigerant or a simple fan replacement, but make sure you have it looked at quickly. to make sure there isn’t a more serious problem damaging it.

Puddling Water

If water puddles underneath your vehicle when the A/C is running, that’s normal. However, the water should never puddle inside the vehicle! If your A/C is causing condensation or puddles of water inside of your car, bring it in for replacement right away.

Strange Sounds

Cars aren’t known for being quiet, but if you drive yours regularly, you recognize what is normal and what isn’t in terms of vehicle noise. With that in mind, if your vehicle’s A/C starts making strange noises it can indicate a problem.

Foul Smell

If when you turn on your vehicle’s A/C, you start to smell a foul odor, be sure to have it looked at right away. It could indicated mold or mildew in the tubes, which can lead to respiratory problems. Getting the system flushed or replaced is essential.

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Have a Professional Car Check and Tune-Up in Winter

Like many important devices and machinery in your life, your car needs regular maintenance. At times, it may need a little extra service to combat a harsh environment, like winter weather. Winter, even a rather mild one in comparison to some, can be hard on your car. Even if you had a car tune-up in the fall, it’s not a bad idea to have it checked in the winter to make sure that it’s running as well as it can.

Winter Car Issues

Car Driving in Snow

Have a Professional Car Check and Tune-Up in Winter.

Cold weather can make a number of common issues even worse. The cold makes idling, hard starts, and more difficult. It’s important to do take care of all the little things you should be doing that often get forgotten. Filters, for example, should be replaced to help your car run more efficiently in tough weather.

If you didn’t have your oil changed near to the start of winter, have it done. It is one of the most neglected services, but it’s important to protect your engine, particularly when it’s working hard to run your car in cold weather. Sometimes, your fuel line needs some help to keep from freezing, too. A car service professional can add something for that.

Of course, your car heater works hard for you in winter. It’s important to pay attention to your heating and AC system so that it doesn’t get overworked and die on you. Not only would that be uncomfortable for you, it could affect visibility, too.

There are many details of car maintenance that are extra important during winter. Many things you can manage on your own with the help of your car manual. But, let an auto technician help, too. Keep your car running well through winter and have a car check and tune-up. Come visit the auto care specialists at German Performance in Atascadero, CA, or call us at (805) 466-3236.

Three Winter Car Tips

Winter can present a brutal collection of circumstances for a vehicle. Between freezing temperatures, ice, and travel requirements, the season can put any vehicle through the ringer. To avoid spoiling the fun of the season, make sure you’ve attended to these winter car tips.

Winter Car Tips

If You Live Within or Plan to Travel Toward a Wintry Area, See to These Winter Car Tips.

Check Your Battery

A dead battery has provided the source for countless episodes of stress and worry. The last thing you want is for your battery to die the morning of a big trip, or before you head to work. Though you cannot check the actual effectiveness of your battery, you can keep replacement records so you know its approximate age. When the lifespan of your battery has come and gone, go ahead and have it replaced.

Check Your Tires

Winter demands the best of your tires. Before the season begins in earnest, check your treads for signs of developed or uneven wear. You should also check the sidewalls for any damage, and confirm appropriate levels of tire pressure on a monthly basis.

Fuel Deicer

A bottle of deicer added to your fuel tank once a month or so can save you a heap of trouble. In extremely cold temperatures, moisture in your fuel lines can freeze. Deicer helps prevent this circumstance. You can also ensure the proper function of your fuel lines through keeping your tank close to full.

As the cold season approaches, German Performance can help you accomplish any winter car tips in Atascadero and Paso Robles, CA. To learn more or schedule any service needs whatsoever, give us a call today at __PHONE__.

Signs of a Damaged Heater Core

Car Heater Dashboard

Vehicle owners may or may not know about the heater core located behind their dashboard. This mechanism operates your defrost and heating functions. If you are having trouble with your car’s heating system in Atascadero, CA, Rick’s German Performance can help. We offer heater core replacement services in the Atascadero and Paso Robles area. If you are unsure if your car’s system constitute repair services, check out these signs of a damaged heater core:

Busted Heater

If your car isn’t getting any heat, you will be able to notice pretty easily. This is obviously apparent during the winter months. While other factors could be causing the lack of heat, one of the most common ones is a hole in your heater core. This sucks in the heat before it ever reaches your cabin, rendering your heater effectively worthless.

Fogged Windshield

If your windshield and windows are fogging up uncontrollably, it is a common sign of heater core damage. You will likely notice condensation on all of the windows. This indicates a leak in the core mechanism. Vaporized coolant is actually dripping into your vehicle’s cabin.

Humid Aroma

Not every sign of a damaged heater core is visible. But sometimes you can actually smell it. Leaking radiator fluid has an almost sweet smell but certainly a humid aroma. This smell can be apparent on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Double check underneath your car for signs of liquid. Call (805) 466-3236 for heater core repair in Atascadero, CA and Paso Robles, CA.

Three Fall Car Tips

Fall Car Tips

As the Seasons Change, Make Sure Your Car is Ready/

As summer wanes and winter approaches, car owners should practice a few fall car tips. Decreasing temperatures and the end of summer’s demands require a few updates. Also, you will need to review and account for any wear or maintenance needs after a busy, hot summer. Utilize these fall car tips, and you’ll be ready for the road in no time.

Check Belts, Fluids, Hoses

Summer takes a toll on a vehicle. For a safe fall, you’ll want to check your car’s belts, fluids, and hoses to make sure that none need the attention of a mechanic. You should also change your oil if needed.


Your antifreeze must have equivalence to the temperatures in which you drive your car. Antifreeze can become diluted over the summer, and needs attention to cope with colder temperatures. Without the proper amount, your engine’s operation can suffer.

Tire Pressure and Fuel Lines

Colder weather has a special impact on these two areas. The change in weather can cause your tires to expand or contract, which results in lower tire pressure. Fuel lines can also suffer negative impacts from cold weather. For especially cold weather, you may need to use fuel supplements to prevent freezing.

Update Car Kit

Seasonal changes should also affect changes to your car kit. As cold weather approaches, update it with blankets, gloves, or other items that will add to your comfort.

While many people overlook fall as a reason to review your vehicle, seasonal changes do make our fall car tips necessary. If you own a German-made vehicle and need assistance in  Atascadero, CA, contact German Performance at __PHONE__.


Three Signs You Need Transmission Repair

transmission repair

The transmission is one of a car’s most complicated mechanisms.

A car’s transmission serves as its heart. This complicated mechanism transfers the engine’s power to the wheels and enables the car to move. With a faulty or failing transmission, your car may actually cease to function. To prevent such an occurrence, you should recognize when your car needs transmission repair.

Warning Light Activation

Though they often get ignored, a car’s warning lights provide valuable indicators of repair needs. For the transmission especially, the light will indicate subtle vibrations that precede serious problems. As a general rule of thumb, always take your vehicle for service if a warning light activates.

Fluid Leaks

Your transmission would quickly overheat and fail without the presence of transmission fluid. The transmission does not consume this fluid, however, and any loss opens the door to major problems. A transmission fluid leak, for example, opens the door for serious problems. You can always detect transmission fluid thanks to its sweet smell.

Movement Delays

Transmissions should operate smoothly, with no jerks or sudden movements. The design of transmissions enables them to enter gears smoothly. Any delay in this function indicates trouble that could quickly evolve into an emergency. Another sign occurs when your engine revs without an accompanying response in movement. This means that your transmission struggles with the transfer of power, a sure sign that its needs service.

For any needs with transmission repair in Atascadero or Paso Robles, CA, call (805) 466-3236 today for German Performance. We take care of all your service needs for German-made vehicles.

How to tell if it’s Time to Replace Car Belts

Your car has different belts that keep the components running together. It’s important to know what kind of car belts you have and know when to replace them. Ask your local mechanic today about serpentine and timing belt replacement in Atascadero and Paso Robles.

Timing Belt

A timing belt ensures the components inside your engine move at the right time while the vehicle is on. A broken timing belt causes engine misfire and other related issues.

Timing Belt Replacement

Oil leakages often affect the timing belt before any other component in the vehicle. While timing belt breakage doesn’t cause oil leaks, it’s time to check the timing belt if any leakages occur.

belt repair

Have your belts checked with every oil change for belt maintenance.

Serpentine Belt

The word “serpentine” means snake. It is not, made of serpentine (an earthy mineral that looks like snake skin). This belt winds around 3 or 4 different pieces of the engine, including the power steering pump and the alternator. If the belt breaks, the components don’t synchronize, and could cause even further damage to your engine and other parts of the vehicle.

Serpentine Belt Replacement

The serpentine belt controls cooling components of the vehicle, overheating indicates belt failure. Engine overheating, A/C failure and loss of power steering could all be major indicators that the serpentine belt has failed.

Changing these belts during ownership of a vehicle is inevitable. Have your local mechanic check them with each oil change or maintenance visit. This prevents further damage to the rest of your vehicle.

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