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Atascadero Paso Robles Air Conditioning Recharging Service and Repair

If you are in need of car, truck / automotive air conditioning service then you have found the right place. It’s miserable when it’s hot outside and your car or truck AC doesn’t work. There are many components that can break in a car or truck AC system, so if you live in Atascadero or Paso Robles, bring your car truck into our shop and let our expert mechanics take a look at your system, and diagnose what’s going wrong with it. Some of the possible problems with the AC system could be a belt, leak in the compressor, or it could be low or out of coolant.

We can visually inspect hoses and couplings, test the compressor for proper function and repair or replace parts as needed. We are fully stocked with coolant on hand so we can get you in and out fast for a great deal. Even if you need a new compressor, we perform all car or truck air conditioning related services right here, so we can off top notch service to our customers in Atascadero and Paso Robles.

For most people the air conditioning is the most important part of their vehicle , especially during those hot summer months. If you are experiencing problem with your A/C come in to German Performance today for what we consider to be the best air conditioning repair service in Paso Robles and Atascadero. Our ASE certified mechanics are trained to work on a variety of different makes, including Kia, Lexus, Audi, Acura, BMW, Porsche, Honda or Nissan. Whether you need an air conditioning recharge or simple air conditioning service let German Performance in Atascadero and Paso Robles give you the service you and your vehicle deserve.

When your air conditioner isn’t running properly, it will cause extra strain on your engine. It’s a quick and easy thing for our mechanics to check for you, so bring in your car or truck and we’ll keep you cool all summer long!

You don’t have to worry about high auto dealership prices either. No other shop or dealership in Atascadero or Paso Robles can beat our prices and our mechanics are the best in the area!