Brake Master Cylinder Replacement and Repair


When your car’s or truck’s Master Brake Cylinder isn’t working, you know about it. The good news is, our mechanics at the Atascadero Auto Repair Shop, just south of Paso Robles, know all about brake master cylinders in just about any make and model of vehicle.

Your Car’s master cylinder is a control device that converts the “normal pressure” from a driver’s foot into hydraulic pressure so that you can more easily move other devices. The most common usage is for the braking system. Without the Master Brake Cylinder you wouldn’t be able to easily apply pressure to your pedal to get the car to stop. All braking components are vital to your car’s ability to operate properly in safety situations. If you are having any car brake service issues at all then be sure to come into our Atascadero Paso Robles Auto Repair Shop today.

It might seem like a minor thing, but don’t take chances with your brakes. Just because the master cylinder doesn’t prevent the brakes from working when it starts to have problems is no reason to put off having it fixed! Never take a chance with the brakes on your vehicle, especially when our mechanics at the Atascadero Paso Robles Auto Repair Shop are ready to get you back on the road fast with a safe vehicle without spending all of your hard-earned money to get there.

German Performance is the leading provider of master cylinder service & repair in Atascadero and Paso Robles! Our ASE certified technicians serving Atascadero and Paso Robles are trained and experienced in master cylinder repair and replacement for a variety of different vehicles, including Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Scion, Smart, Honda, Kia and Lexus. Don’t wait until it is too late and the problem develops into something more serious, bring you vehicle in to German Performance to receive the best master cylinder repair service in Paso Robles and Atascadero. Our commitment to customer service and low prices simply can’t be beat by other Atascadero or Paso Robles auto repair shops. Call or come in today!

Are you hearing funny noises? Is something broken? Do you have leaking fluid? Whatever car problem you have, we are the auto repair shop in Atascadero and Paso Robles to bring it to! We can diagnose and fix any car service issue that you may have. Our ASE certified Auto Mechanics can get the job done!