Replace Fuel Pressure Regulator


Bring your car to German Performance in Atascadero and Paso Robles, because we’re the experts you can trust!

Your vehicle’s fuel pressure regulator controls the pressure and flow of fuel in a vehicle and is an essential part of the fuel system. You might not know the signs when your fuel pressure regulator is going bad, but the good news is the Atascadero Paso Robles Auto Repair Shop can perform a fast diagnostic for you and let you know right away.

If your car or truck is having problems due to the fuel regulator, our mechanics can perform the repair quickly and get you back on the road without the kind of expense you’d see at a vehicle dealership.

If your fuel pressure regulator isn’t working properly it can cause a myriad of problems with your car or truck. If you have been experiencing any of the following, bring your vehicle in to the Atascadero Paso Robles Auto Repair Shop today:

  • Rich engine running
  • Black or blue smoke coming from engine or tail pipe
  • Rough engine running (stumbling, sputtering)
  • Won’t re-start when warm
  • Stalls after running a short while
  • Fuel pump is noisy
  • Fouled/dirty spark plugs
  • Noticeable drop in gas mileage

If you think that there may be something wrong with your fuel pressure regulator bring it in to German Performance. Our ASE certified mechanics can determine if your fuel pressure regulator needs to be repaired or replaced just a few short minutes. Whether you have a BMW, Prius, Volkswagen, Porsche, Honda, Kia, Scion, Subaru, Smart, Nissan or Mitsubishi, our mechanics can provide you with the fuel pressure regulator in Atascadero and Paso Robles that you deserve.